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Massage benefits dogs the same way it benefits people. If your dog is experiencing stiffness, sore joints, is athletic, a senior, or has any special needs, massage can bring relief and help your dog get out of a pain spiral. Helping your dog feel his or her best is always my goal.

My credentials as a dog massage therapist

I am nationally certified in canine massage and small animal acupressure.  These are two separate certifications, each requiring at least 300 hours of training, to be eligible to sit for the proctored exam that covers anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, pathology, behavior, safety, and more.  I have over 800 hours of training, plus I completed nearly 100 case studies before sitting for the exam, far exceeding the minimums required.

As a certified canine massage therapist, I am also required to meet continuing education hours. These include both hands-on and theory classes. Because of my passion to serve animals, I far exceed the requirements.

What sets me apart

  • Nationally Certified in Canine Massage
  • Nationally Certified in Small Animal Acupressure
  • Certified in Canine Crainosacral Therapy
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Feldenkrais for dogs
  • TTouch for dogs
  • Reiki Energy Healing for dogs
  • Crystal Healing for dogs
  • Sound bath therapy and tuning fork application
  • Aromatherapy for dogs
  • Spiritually minded intuitive
  • Highly sensitive to the needs of seniors
  • Compassionate and supportive of special animal-human relationships.

My path to dog massage

My dedication to my dog’s optimal wellness it what drove me to become educated in canine acupressure and massage. At each step of my journey, I could see my dog benefiting immensely from what I was learning. I knew that I could help other dogs too, so I decided to offer dog massage to dogs in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah.

My dog mom blog

As I writer, I’ve been sharing information about the world of dogs for over 15 years. I started out writing on dog topics for the Examiner for Salt Lake City, Utah and Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve also been a featured writer for Species Link Magazine and 15 Bytes.

Helping your dog

I sincerely hope to help your furry little one, either in person with canine bodywork or through the information shared on my blog.

If you live in Salt Lake City and are interested in booking a dog massage session, please reach out to me. I offer in-home dog massage in Salt Lake City.

Disclosure: I am not a veterinarian and do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. I am a Certified Canine Massage and Acupressure Practitioner. I work in partnership with your dog’s veterinarian, offering a complimentary service to the protocol designed by your dog’s veterinarian

In compliance with the Utah Veterinary Practice Act, I require a referral from your dog’s veterinarian before the first session. Please contact me for more information and a referral form.


  • Canine Bodywork Session – $120
  • Additional trip charge for distaces over 20 miles roundtrip from my location in zip code 84120

For more information on pricing, packages offered and payment options, please click here.

*Please note I will be taking a limited amount of new clients for massage. Feel free to reach out to see if I have any spot availability or to secure a place on my waitlist.

Dog Massage FAQ

Can massage help my dog?

Canine massage relaxes your dog’s muscles, improves circulation, and increases flexibility. It can help your dog by reducing joint and muscle pain. It also reduces stress and anxiety and boosts the immune system.

How often should my dog get a massage?

The frequency of dog massage depends on your individual pet. Dogs that are recovering from an injury, or who have chronic pain or mobility issues, will need more frequent massage than those who are getting massages for general wellness.

How is a dog massage different from petting?

Dog professional massage is performed by a therapist who has a strong knowledge of canine anatomy and pathologies. The therapist knows of potential contraindications based on your dog’s condition. A professional dog massage is also performed with clear intention. It is not passive, but rather a focused touch.

How can I find a professional dog massage therapist near me?

Always look for a professional dog therapist that is certified. National certification by NBCAAM is the highest level of certification. They maintain a directory of certified canine massage therapists.