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My dedication to my dog’s optimal wellness it what drove me to become educated in canine acupressure and massage. At each step of my journey, I could see my dog benefiting immensely from what I was learning. Once I graduated, I also became certified in small animal acupressure.

As I writer, I’ve been sharing information about the world of dogs for over 10 years. I started out as a dog writer for the Examiner for Salt Lake City, Utah and Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve also been a featured writer for Species Link Magazine and 15 Bytes.

I sincerely hope to help your furry little one, either in person with canine bodywork, or through the information shared on my blog.

If you live in Salt Lake City or Park City, Utah, and are interested in canine acupressure or massage for your dog, please reach out to me. I work inside of Animal Health VIPS at Jeremy Ranch and by special arrangement. Contact me for more information.

Wags and Woof!!