Beautiful Tibetan Spaniel dog wearing a crown displaying the canine chakras

Canine Chakra Balancing

Dogs have chakras, just as humans and all other living things do. Canine chakras can get imbalanced, just as ours do. Understanding where the chakras are located, and what each is responsible for, will help you in keeping your dog’s energy in balance. Canine chakra balancing is particularly helpful with emotional and behavioral issues. Chakras …

Barking Princess canine massage - woman massaging dog on massage table image

Benefits of Massage and Acupressure for Dogs

Dogs benefit from massage and acupressure the same way you do. It’s not just about having a relaxation session with candles and soft music, but rather the great many health benefits that stem from there. Weekly therapeutic bodywork for dogs increases blood, chi and lymph flow, and circulation throughout the body. This movement is truly …

image of foxtails in field

Beware of Foxtails

Foxtails… those pesky little things.  It used to just be the western states that had to deal with foxtails, but this invasive plant is now found across the country. In summer months, they seem to be everywhere, and unfortunately, they can be very dangerous and even deadly for your dog.   Foxtails are a type of grassy …

photo of AnimalEO essential oils for dogs

Essential Oils for Dogs

Essential oils are the aromatic and volatile liquids that are distilled from certain aromatic plants. Only about 1% of all plants are classified as aromatic. Hundreds of chemical compounds make up a plant’s essence. When these compounds are distilled, they become very potent. Because essential oils are so powerful, they should be treated with the …

Board Certified Canine Acupressurist Alexandra Bennett, holding long haired beautiful dog, Tashi Bennett

Nationally Certified in Canine Acupressure

Acupressure is one of the most ancient healing arts.  Like acupuncture, which uses the same pressure points, it is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  The primary difference is that acupuncture uses needles to activate the points. There is evidence that shows veterinary acupressure has been used since 2000-3000 BC. In ancient times, eastern cultures would use this …

Homemade Chicken Stew for Dogs Image

Chicken Stew for Dogs

Who doesn’t love a nice wholesome chicken stew with all the warmth and yumminess that goes with it? Your dog is certainly no exception. I make this stew about once a month and store extra servings in the freezer. I vary the vegetables from time to time, so feel free to make modifications, but this …

CDC infographic of blacklegged tick lone star tick and deer tick

It’s Tick Season!

As temperatures start to warm up in April and May so does the concern for ticks. Anytime it is above freezing, ticks can be active.  They are most active when it’s above 45 degrees Fahrenheit, but they don’t die off in the cold, they are just less active or dormant.  Adult ticks, are about the …

supplements for dogs on kitchen counter including coconut oil, probiotics, goat keifer and krill oil

Essential supplements for dogs

We all want to provide our dogs with the very best nutrition we can afford. Here are a few supplements for dogs you can add to your pet’s food, regardless if you are feeding dry kibble, canned or raw, to help ensure your dog is getting the nutrition he needs. Probiotics are essential if feeding processed …

canine jing well points on dog paws

Canine Acupressure Points to Help your Dog

Acupressure has been known to treat over 40 conditions.  It excels at things like rehabilitation, chronic pain, neurological disorders and strengthening the immune system.

In this video I walk you through a few points that you can use at home with your own dog.

hand holding bottle of pH test strips at kitchen sink with filtered water faucet in background

Best Drinking Water for Dogs

Do you give your dog filtered drinking water?  Many pet parents are concerned about the quality of water their dogs are drinking. It’s important to provide your family, including your pets, with the highest quality water you can afford.  Water that is free from pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fluoride and metals is vital for optimal health. In the …

Petrodex dog toothpaste in glass with doggie toothbrush

Dog Jaw Chattering and Dental Health

Have you ever seen your dog’s jaw chatter? It might have happened for a split second when he or she was super excited for you to throw the ball, or maybe you’ve seen it and brushed it off as just a weird thing that your dog does once in a while, but didn’t think it …