dog using treat puzzle

What is Canine Enrichment?

Canine enrichment activity is a vital tool that enhances the happiness, health, and vitality of your dog.  We all know how important it is to take your dog on daily walks or play at the park, but what about engaging your dog’s brain?  Dogs get bored too Most dogs sit at home all day while …

dog sniffing leaves

Your Dog’s Nose and the Importance of Sniffing

Your dog’s nose is an amazing sensory organ and sniffing is vitally important to your dog’s ability to gather information about his environment. When you grab the leash and get ready to take your dog outside, do you say “let’s go on a sniff?” Probably not, but maybe you should. You might even get annoyed …

beautiful long haired dog wearing silk flower crown

Making Flower Crowns for Your Dog

Flower crowns are so easy to make and look super cute on your dog. I especially love them because I like to make matching things for me and my dog to wear. They also make a cute Halloween costume for your dog. Watch my YouTube video and I’ll walk you through the steps to make …

dog sitting with paws up

When should a senior dog take continuing education?

Dog Training, it’s not just for puppies. You’ve made it through puppy training, obedience and your dog might even have a few tricks down pat. Your dog might have even graduated at the top of his class, but sometimes over the years, bad habits slip back in. It’s easy to let things slide and not address …

little dog paws standing on blue FitPAWS Paw Pod

FitPAWS Paw Pods

We recently got some FitPAWS Paw Pods.  They are great for balance,  neural stimulation and building core strength.  Your dog can stand on either the dome side or for a bigger challenge, he can stand on the flat side.  They come in a pack of 4 and can be used individually or together.  We are just starting out with them, so the first thing we did was get used to touching them with right and left front paws.  Then we moved up to standing on them, one paw at a time, then both at the same time.  Our goal is all four paws on four different paw pods.  I’ll post an update as we get there!  It’s a lot of fun working together on the training too!

Read more about FitPAWS in our blog post here. 

small dog exercising on FitPAWS disc and FitPAWS donut

FitPAWS Exercise Demonstration – Step Up

Tashi here… I thought I’d demonstrate one of my FitPAWS exercises with you! Mom needs to get one of those iPhone tripods so she can photograph me while supporting me, but we thought we’d go ahead and get started!

This is a step up from the FitPAWS Disc to the FitPAWS Donut. It elongates my back and give me a good stretch, while improving my muscle tone. We do some rotations that go about 5-8 minutes every day.

You can learn more about FitPAWS in my blog post FitPAWS for your Dog’s Fitness.

Little dog jumping over pole for exercise image

How much exercise does my dog need?

We all know that exercise is vital to keeping our bodies fit and functioning as they should.  The same goes for your dog, but you might be wondering just how much exercise does my dog need? As a minimum, dogs need 30 minutes a day of physical exercise. The intensity of exercise varies depending on health, …

Tibetan Spaniel wearing witch hat next to Halloween pumpkin

Halloween Dog Safety Tips

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. There are so many cute dog costumes, fun dog-friendly events to attend and scary yard decorations.  But Halloween can be downright frightful for your four-legger. Here are some Halloween dog safety tips to keep your holiday enjoyable for everyone. Candy is for the kids with …

beautiful small long haired dog wearing big pink bow in front of a a field of yellow, pink and white flowers

Taking Great Photos of Your Dog

There is nothing I love more than taking great photos of my dog.  This isn’t always as easy as the end result makes it look.  Dogs don’t have the longest attention spans, are often quick to give in to distractions and very rarely hold still.  Even harder than getting a great shot of a dog, …