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How Flower Essence remedies can help you and your dog

Flower Essences are gentle remedies made from the energy or vibration of a flower, plant, or tree. All living things have specific energetic qualities, just as each of us is unique. These remedies can help us heal a part of ourselves, generally an emotional aspect, so that we may live more fully and without limits.

Dog Paw Burns and Hot Pavement Dangers

You might look at your phone to see what the air temperature is before you head out on a walk with your dog, but the air temperature is not a good indicator of surface temperature. What seems like a nice comfortable stroll, might actually be agonizing for your dog.   Sidewalks, asphalt, sand and dirt all …

Car Safety for your Dog Image

Car Safety for your Dog – Keeping your Dog Safe while you Drive

Keeping your dog safe while driving in the car is one of the most important things you do as a pet parent.  We’ve all see the cute image of a dog enjoying the breeze as his parent drives happily along.  The reality however, is that your dog needs to be restrained for his safety as well as yours. …