Image of Alexandra and Tashi

Acupressure to strengthen your dog’s immune system

There is minimal risk of your dog getting COVID-19. But the virus has been a huge reminder to all of us about how important our immune systems are. Here are five acupressure points that will help strengthen your dog’s immune system. They are great for seasonal allergies, reactions to medications or vaccines, or if your …

Dried calendula flowers and stems in hand crafted blue Japanese mortar

Why you should be using Calendula for your Dog

Calendula, also known as pot marigold, is a wonderful herb that we can use to help our dogs. It’s also one that should be included in your dog’s first aid kit.   Externally, it works great to soothe the skin and heal wounds. In addition to its soothing properties, it is an anti-fungal and antibacterial. It’s …

Image of burdock root tincture

Making a burdock root tonic to benefit your dog’s liver

Burdock is a biennial plant with the scientific name, Arctium. It is native to Europe and Asia, but several varieties have been introduced worldwide. The plant has heart-shaped leaves and purple burrs at the top that have reverse hooks that stick to everything. But the part that we are interested in is the root. Burdock …

beautiful long haired dog wearing silk flower crown

Making Flower Crowns for Your Dog

Flower crowns are so easy to make and look super cute on your dog. I especially love them because I like to make matching things for me and my dog to wear. They also make a cute Halloween costume for your dog. Watch my YouTube video and I’ll walk you through the steps to make …

happy dog with homemade cookies in shapes of hearts and bones on orange plate

Baking Rainy Day Yin Cookies for Dogs

Rainy days are perfect for making cookies.  These Yin Cookies are super easy to make and are great for warming the body and spirit.  I modified this recipe from one I learned through the Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute.   In Traditional Chinese Medicine, everything is about the balance of Yin and Yang. Yin is cooler and …

canine jing well points on dog paws

Canine Acupressure Points to Help your Dog

Acupressure has been known to treat over 40 conditions.  It excels at things like rehabilitation, chronic pain, neurological disorders and strengthening the immune system.

In this video I walk you through a few points that you can use at home with your own dog.