Dogs who don’t like their teeth brushed

According to the latest studies, as many as 80% of dogs over three have active dental disease. Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly is the best way to improve their dental health, but what about dogs who don’t like their teeth brushed?

While you will want to keep up with brushing as much as you can, you can also better ensure the health of those hard-to-reach areas using the following techniques for cleaner canine teeth. 

Reassess your dog’s diet

Diet is as important to teeth as a proper brushing routine. It was once believed that hard kibble was beneficial to the teeth. This theory is no longer agreed upon amongst experts. Consider the microbiome of your dog’s mouth and look for ways you can improve it. Feeding fresh foods, raw meaty bones, and homemade treats are a great way to start for dogs who don’t like their teeth brushed. A water additive such as Teef or HealthyMouth targeted at your dog’s oral microbiome is a great addition.

Give them something to chew

A good diet alone won’t stop bacteria buildup in your dog’s mouth. Dental care should be an ongoing effort, even between meals, with the help of a range of chewing apparatus that cleans your dog’s teeth and encourages the flow of naturally antibacterial saliva. Chew toys and bone and meat-based chew treat like those offered by Superior Farms can be beneficial. As an added bonus, these can satisfy your dog’s natural craving to chew on furniture.

Trust the professionals

Have your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned each year. This is especially important for dogs who don’t like their teeth brushed. Thorough professional cleaning and assessing any underlying issues are vitally important to your dog’s health.

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