Our dogs pick up on our energy. If we are feeling unsettled, stressed, worried or just out of sorts, your dog is likely to mirror that energy back to you. The good thing, is that when we are feeling happy, balanced and at peace, our dogs mirror that energy too!

If you could use a little guidance getting grounded and feeling centered in life, Distance Energy Healing Session could be right for you.

Regardless of where you are located, across town, or on the other side of the world, I offer one-on-one distance healing over Zoom video conference.

Your session includes a unique personalized guided meditation and chakra clearing to bring balance, peace, and strengthen your relationship with your animal, either present or past.

Distance Energy Healing is great for a variety of situations:

  • Connecting with a new animal friend.
  • Helping an animal who is undergoing or recovering from an illness.
  • An animal adapting to a new home.
  • Comforting an animal who is fearful or stressed.
  • Connect with an animal who is at the end of their life.
  • Strengthening a bond with your dog or cat.
  • Connecting with an animal who has passed.
  • Getting in touch with your spirit animal to help guide you on life’s journey.
  • Finding a connection with a wild animal that has an essence that can help ground you.
  • It can also help with situations that have nothing at all to do with animals, but just your life is unsettled and you could use some help finding peace.

Animal and Native Spirit Oracle Card Readings

Include an Oracle Card Reading for insight and inspiration. You can select from a variety of Animal Wisdom and Native Spirit decks, or let me select for you.

Please let me know in advance what you would like to focus on, so I can create a meditation that is best suited for your current situation. After your healing session, I will send you a personal mantra and reminder of our session to help you in your own meditations until we meet again.


30 Minute Session – $50

1 Hour Session – $90

Reiki Distance Energy Healing Gift Card Image
Reiki Distance Energy e-Gift Cards are available.

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