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Adding a family pet to your home

Having a family pet provides children with something to concentrate on while also teaching them responsibility through caring for the animal and developing a bond.  They can be a great addition to the family with plenty of rewards. However, if you are thinking about bringing a family pet into the home,  It is crucial to weigh the advantages and disadvantages and determine what type of family pet is right for your home. Before purchasing or adopting a pet, it is critical to consider all of the factors listed below:

Time and commitment involved

Do you and your family have the time it takes to responsibly look after an animal? Walking, taking them to the vets, visiting the pet stores, playing with them, grooming them – it all takes a lot of time. If you work full time and are out of the house all day every day, is it really the best idea to have a dog that needs plenty of exercise and attention?


Along with the initial cost of the family pet, you should also factor in the recurring expenditures of vet bills, food, boarding, and other related expenses.

Breed and size

Making the correct choice for your family’s needs, personality, and way of life is crucial to long-term success.

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Which pet should you get?


Dogs are considered to be man’s greatest friend, but they do require quite a bit of time and committment. A dog has to be walked and played with every day, let out to run around in the garden, fed, and groomed. ” Of course, some breeds are more suitable for children and families than others. Dogs life expectancy depends on their size and breed. Plan for a 10-15 year commitment.


Cats are quite self-sufficient. Despite the fact that cats can cuddle up with you on the sofa, they want to be left alone. They let themselves out through the cat flap. A cat requires significantly less attention than a dog and can take care of itself on many levels. The average life expectancy of a household cat is approximately 15 years.

Small animals 

Most of these animals are confined in cages. So long as their cages are kept clean, they have a little freedom, and they are fed, they will be perfectly content. When compared to dogs and cats, smaller pets such as these can be relatively ideal for young childre. The average life expectancy of a hamster is three years, whereas that of a rabbit is approximately ten years.

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