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How Flower Essence remedies can help you and your dog

Flower Essences are gentle remedies made from the energy or vibration of a flower, plant, or tree. All living things have specific energetic qualities, just as each of us is unique. These remedies can help us heal a part of ourselves, generally an emotional aspect, so that we may live more fully and without limits. Flower Essences are spirit guides that speak to our souls and gently direct us where we want to go.

“These remedies cure, not by attacking disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature, in the presence of which disease melts as the snow in the sunshine.”   – Dr. Edward Bach

Flower Essence remedies can help your dog with: 

  • Easing travel anxiety
  • Easing separation anxiety
  • Adapting to a new home
  • Adapting to a new family member (human or animal)
  • Moving through the stages of grief
  • Overcoming emotional trauma
  • Coping with physical changes and stress
  • Making trips to the veterinarian’s office with easier
  • Aids in relaxation and emotional balance

Flower Essence remedies can help you with:

  • Adapting to change
  • Overcoming negative emotions
  • Feeling more confident
  • Moving through the stages of grief
  • Overcoming emotional trauma
  • Bringing balance into your emotional life
  • Coping with physical changes and stress
  • Graceful living 
  • Feeling more joy and positivity

Flowers are our teachers if only we are open to learning from them. Think about a flower you are particularly attracted to. It has its own unique qualities that vibrate and resonate with something inside of you. That very thing you are attracted to, can be captured in an essence and prepared as a dosage for you take orally, spritz on your skin, or spray in your environment.  

By surrounding ourselves with a particular essence, the qualities of the flower are awakened within us. So you will then carry the feeling and energy, the flower or plant projects. Through Flower Essences, the strength and wisdom of the flower become a part of you.

How do Flower Essences work?

Flower Essences work in very subtle ways. You may not initially think there is any change going on at all, but over 2-4 weeks, you will begin to notice a gentle shift in your awareness and perspective. You will begin to notice that your energy is expanding and you are experiencing spiritual and emotional growth.

Rescue Remedy

You may already know about or use Rescue Remedy by Bach for yourself or your dog. This is a wonderful remedy that is very helpful in many situations. Rescue Remedy spray is a very useful tool that works quickly to alleviate stress. It contains Rock Rose, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem, and Cherry Plum. These essences help with courage, patience, staying engaged, strong, and thinking, and acting rationally. Exactly what we all need in times of stress. 

  • One or two spritzes of Rescue Remedy inside a carrier helps your dog to relax during air travel. 
  • Sprayed inside a car it can ease travel anxiety.  
  • A few drops of Rescue Remedy for Pets in your dog’s water can help your dog adapt to a new home or change. 

Learning from the wisdom of flowers

When you think about a particular flower, plant, tree, gem, or environment, think about all it as to adapt to in order to not only survive but to thrive. That is the energy that we are connecting with when we take a Flower Essence. 

Take Fireweed, for example, it grows in open fields and pastures after there has been a fire. The beauty blooms out of what was once charred and burned. From death comes life. Fireweed heals trauma. It helps us to move forward in life and embrace a new cycle of life. 

Flower Essences help us to feel supported and safe, to let go of the old and make room for the new. They help us to transform and to vibrate at a higher resonance. They are tuning forks for our souls.

There are many essences and each offers something unique that can help support where you or your dog are at any given moment. A Flower Essence Practitioner can help you select the remedies that will benefit you the most. 

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