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Halloween Dog Safety Tips

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. There are so many cute dog costumes, fun dog-friendly events to attend and scary yard decorations.  But Halloween can be downright frightful for your four-legger. Here are some Halloween dog safety tips to keep your holiday enjoyable for everyone.

Candy is for the kids with two legs, never for those with four.

Most people know chocolate can be deadly for dogs, but other candy is also very dangerous. Be aware that half-eaten candy bars can end up on your lawn on Halloween night. Keep your eyes open and do a good look-over in areas where something might have been dropped. Also, be sure to keep the candy bowl out of your dog’s reach.

Doorbells ringing and knocking can be stressful for your dog.

The sound of the kids at the door and all of the knocking can make even a mildly reactive dog go crazy. Also all the door opening can pose a risk for your dog running out. Consider sitting on your front porch or at the end of your driveway to hand out candy. That will help lessen the chaos and eliminate the risk of your dog getting out when you answer it. In any case, be sure your dog is wearing an ID tag, just in case an accident happens and he gets out of the door.

Dressing your dog up this Halloween

Be sure the costume does not restrict your dog’s movement or make it hard for him to breathe. Not all dogs enjoy playing dress, but others love it.  Know what makes your dog happy and be respectful of his comfort.

Jack-O-Lanterns are a great festive decoration but use caution.

If you are using a real candle, make sure your dog cannot tip the pumpkin over or get his nose burnt while sniffing. Dry ice inside of jack-o-lanterns can also pose a danger to dogs.

Out and about with your dog on Halloween night

Use a collar that lights up or put a reflective vest on your dog to make sure your dog can be seen. Never take your dog out without a leash.  Even dogs who are used to being off-leash and under voice command can get spooked on Halloween night and run off or into danger. Dogs are best left and home on Halloween night, but for those who insist on taking their dogs out, please do not go out without a leash.

Participating in Halloween festivities with your dog

Remember your dog might not enjoy being dressed up and having all of the attention. Respect what your dog enjoys and is comfortable with. Never put your dog in a situation that is unfair to him and causes stress that could result in him nipping or biting someone. Use common sense and keenly observe what your dog is comfortable with. Keeping your dog and others safe means respecting boundaries.

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