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5 Top Tips To Keep Your Dog’s Muscles In Good Health

Like human health, effective dog health must cover a wide range of issues. There are many elements to consider, all of which play into and support each other. Your dog’s muscles are one of several important factors in wellness. Here are a few tips to keep your dog in good overall health.

1- Focus on nutrition

Nutrition is, unsurprisingly, the foundation of good dog health. The right diet and nutritional supplements such as fish oil and glucosamine, can support your dog’s muscle health and protect its joints. Healthy joint support treats such as green-lipped mussels can be incorporated into daily training and fun puzzles and games. By making your dog work for their food, they will gain mental stimulation as well as physical benefits.

2- Take regular walks

If your dog’s muscles are to stay in great shape, regular physical activity is essential. Movement around the house and garden will provide a solid starting point, and might be all you need if you have a puppy or super senior. However, for most dogs, it’s very beneficial to take regular walks. Whether it’s the park or the beach, a combination of familiar and new routes is the best option. Remember to allow plenty of sniff time for your dog’s mental well-being.

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3- Massage your dog

Dogs can get sore muscles for many reasons. High activity levels, dietary changes, and ongoing health conditions are just some of the reasons. Dog Massage can help promote healthy muscles and a range of additional benefits. The list includes mental concentration, energy balance, and boosted immune systems.

Massaging your dog can strengthen the bond you share, and be therapeutic for both of you.

A professional dog massage therapist can be very helpful, especially with arthritic and senior dogs, or those recovering from an injury. They are also often willing to provide tips for you to massage your dog in-between visits.

4- Visit the vet 

Supporting your dog’s muscle health may be one of those things you don’t think about until there is an issue. If your dog displays lameness or symptoms of injury, do not delay in getting an appointment with your veterinarian. A torn ACL or hip dysplasia can be costly, but a good pet insurance policy will lessen the financial burden so, you can focus on your pets’ wellness.

5- Find the right bed

Finally, it’s important to support your dog’s muscle health during their sleep as well as their waking hours. The best way to do this is with the right dog bed. Aside from the right firmness and comfort, you should consider the height. You don’t want to cause discomfort by making your dog jump up into the bed. 

Don’t skimp on buying a good bed that your dog loves. The investment will benefit your dog, along with its joints and muscles, for many years to come.

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