Image of Alexandra Bennett and Tashi in field

Oracle decks are made up of beautifully illustrated cards that represent archetypes. They come in a wide variety of themes from Native American traditions to Spirit Animals, Unicorns, Fairies, Angels, and more.

Each card in the deck has an image, a signifier of a universal feeling, or experience. It can represent a life theme, essence, challenge, or strength.

Oracle readings help us tune into our subconscious or intuition. They help us get answers or clarify direction. They can also show us a probable outcome if we continue on the same energetic path we are currently on or change to another. 

When the reader turns a card over and interprets its meaning, the querent, or one seeking the answer, notes what resonates as truth.

Oracle readings for pet parents

We frequently have questions about our lives and which direction we should turn. An Oracle card reading can offer insight into ourselves and help us arrive at a place of peace and knowing.

Pet parents may have questions about how they can best help their pets and what to do in different situations. Many times, the answers lie within themselves. Oracle cards can help by speaking to the pet parent through archetypes and themes. 

History of Oracle cards

Oracle cards have their roots in the tarot deck, which dates back to the mid 15th century.  Tarocchi was a popular card game in Italy during this period. At this time, deriving meanings out of the cards for life guidance wasn’t the purpose of the cards. That came around in the late 1700s with Eteilla’s tarot. That’s when society started looking to the cards as a tool of divination. Divination means an instrument for seeking more in-depth knowledge through understanding the hidden significance or cause of events.

How are Oracle cards different than the Tarot?

Tarot cards are a fixed system made up of 78 cards. Their meanings can come across as a bit harsh, mainly because of the symbolism used. Oracle card decks vary in size. It’s a loose system with the author and illustrator creating as they desire.

Oracle cards and Angel cards are considered to be as more positive and uplifting than the tarot. Card designs and images evolve based on what images are important in civilization at any given time.  Tarot cards can seem a bit outdated in today’s society. We don’t really see life in terms of swords, arrows, and towers burning down like when the tarot was first introduced.

Why I use Oracle and Angel cards

I use a variety of Oracle and Angel decks in my practice working with dogs and their people. I find them to be a valuable tool in my practice.

The human-animal bond is so significant, and I know how important it is for pet parents to be grounded and come from a place of stability, peace, and love for their little ones. I believe the insight pet parents can gain from an Oracle or Angel card reading are well worth considering.

Readings can take place in person, through Zoom, email, or the phone. It is not necessary to be face to face to have a great reading. In fact, sometimes not being face to face sets up a more accurate reading. This is so the reader truly sticks to just reading the cards and is not interpreting from your facial expressions.

Reasons you might want to consider getting a card reading:

  • Welcoming a pet into your home.
  • Gaining insight into behavior.
  • Helping your pet adapt to a new situation.
  • Understanding your own feelings towards your pet.
  • Helping your pet feel more calm and confident.
  • Working through the grieving process.
  • Strengthening your bond with your pet.

You already know all of the answers. The cards are just helping you see what you know more clearly. 

Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian, and my card readings do not replace veterinary advice or treatment. These readings are intended for insight, entertainment, and behavioral guidance.