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Acupressure to strengthen your dog’s immune system

There is minimal risk of your dog getting COVID-19. But the virus has been a huge reminder to all of us about how important our immune systems are. Here are five acupressure points that will help strengthen your dog’s immune system. They are great for seasonal allergies, reactions to medications or vaccines, or if your …

Beautiful Tibetan Spaniel dog wearing a crown displaying the canine chakras

Canine Chakra Balancing

Dogs have chakras, just as humans and all other living things do. Canine chakras can get imbalanced, just as ours do. Understanding where the chakras are located, and what each is responsible for, will help you keep your dog’s energy in balance. Canine chakra balancing is particularly helpful with emotional and behavioral issues. What are …

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Benefits of Massage and Acupressure for Dogs

Dogs benefit from massage and acupressure the same way you do. It’s not just about having a relaxation session with candles and soft music, but rather the great many health benefits that stem from there. Weekly therapeutic bodywork for dogs increases blood, chi and lymph flow, and circulation throughout the body. This movement is truly …

Board Certified Canine Acupressurist Alexandra Bennett, holding long haired beautiful dog, Tashi Bennett

Nationally Certified in Canine Acupressure

Acupressure is one of the most ancient healing arts.  Like acupuncture, which uses the same pressure points, it is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  The primary difference is that acupuncture uses needles to activate the points. There is evidence that shows veterinary acupressure has been used since 2000-3000 BC. In ancient times, eastern cultures would use this …

canine jing well points on dog paws

Canine Acupressure Points to Help your Dog

Acupressure has been known to treat over 40 conditions.  It excels at things like rehabilitation, chronic pain, neurological disorders and strengthening the immune system.

In this video I walk you through a few points that you can use at home with your own dog.