About Us

Barking princess about us photo
Tashi and Alexandra                                                                               photo by Samantha Little

As a dog mom, I’m passionate about wellness for myself and my Tibetan Spaniel, Tashi.  I prepare all of Tashi’s food from scratch with fresh, organic ingredients and have done so from our very first meal together.  I source her meat from a local grass-fed rancher, her chicken and eggs from a local pasture-raised farm,  and buy the very best organic produce I can find.  I’m meticulous about the supplements I give, and pride myself in serving balanced, species-appropriate meals that are full of bioavailable nutrients.

We love to travel together to beautiful pet friendly hotels, fun dog beaches, dog events and workshops. I enjoy reading wellness books and journals and putting the information into action.

I hope that my Dog Mom Blog on lifestyle, wellness, recipes, pet friendly travel, dog product reviews and everything for the pampered pooch will inspire you and that you will both benefit from the information shared.