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As a dog mom, I’m passionate about wellness for myself and my Tibetan Spaniel, Tashi. I prepare all of Tashi’s food from scratch with fresh, organic ingredients and have done so from our very first meal together. I source her meat from a local grass-fed rancher, her chicken and eggs from a local pasture-raised farm and buy the very best organic produce I can find. I’m meticulous about the supplements I give, and pride myself in serving balanced, species-appropriate meals that are full of bioavailable nutrients.

My dedication to my dog’s optimal wellness it what drove me to becoming educated in canine acupressure and Tui Na massage. At each step of my journey, I could see my dog benefiting immensely from what I was learning. Once I graduated, I decided to take it a step further and become Nationally Board Certified in Animal Acupressure.

I also decided I wanted to step up my knowledge in nutrition, raw feeding, herbalism and homeopathy and became certified in those areas as well.

As I writer, I’ve been sharing information about the world of dogs for over 10 years. I started out as a dog writer for the Examiner for Salt Lake City and then later for the Baltimore, Maryland area. I’ve also written for Species Link Magazine and 15 Bytes.

If you are in the Salt Lake City area and are interested in canine acupressure or Tui Na massage for your dog, please reach out to me. I’d love to help your dog feel his or her best. I also sincerely hope that my Dog Mom Blog will benefit you and the furry little one you share your life and love with.

Wags and Woof!!