What is animal communication?

As a canine massage therapist, I am very attuned to the dog I am working with. It’s a natural extension of touch to communicate without words. To understand, to give, and receive information, messages, and emotions. But when I’m not touching an animal, or even in the same room, state, country, or even dimension as one, is communication possible in those situations? 

The art of animal communication is easily accessible to everyone, yet elusive. It’s so simple that we often don’t realize when it’s taking place. Yet, it’s more powerful than our logical minds may choose to believe. 

It starts with stillness.  Those quiet moments when we are not interrupted by looking at our phones or posts on social media. When we aren’t rushing to get somewhere, no one is asking anything of us—the moments when no one is around, and we are tuned deeply into ourselves and the rhythms of nature. 

It is then our hearts begin to open to the messages sent to us from others. We feel the fullness in souls. Perhaps a warmth throughout the body. Our hearts expand, and all becomes inclusive. 

The physical form a soul takes is not important, whether propelled forward by wing, fin, hoof, paw, or foot. Spirit knows no difference in shape manifestation. 

Take a deep breath, connect your feet to the earth, close your eyes, and listen with your heart. 

Animal communication is not unlike listening to music that resonates with you. Suddenly there is a fullness of expression that you easily recognize. It’s like a  song that is “yours.” The lyrics may not have anything to do with you or your known situation, but it rings true for you. There is a knowing that is worldly and all-encompassing. It just feels right. It’s like the connection you feel when your bare feet touch warm sand as it molds around you. 

When you reach this place, the first step of soul connection has taken place. You see each other. You hear each other, and at a deeper level, you are each other. 

As you continue to listen, to stay connected, things come and go. Thoughts that are your own may wander in and try to confuse you. Acknowledge them and know they are yours. And then get back to your grounded core that is delighted with the earth’s music. Hear the notes, the words, the feelings, the truth. Your soul is open and expansive.

You may wish to ask some specific questions. Ask, and then be open to receive. The messages may come to you quite quickly. They come in different forms; feelings, pictures, words. You can ask if you understand correctly. Listen with all your senses. 

As you find this place of stillness, messages may come for yourself or to be passed on to others. 

This space of communion is sacred. It is not unlike a spiritual practice. It’s not just for a chosen few, but for everyone who chooses to listen and open themselves up to the awareness of the earth’s music.

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